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  • Franklin Pierce

    Franklin Pierce was the fourteenth president of the United States and the only president from New Hampshire.

  • Hillsborough Panorama

    Hillsborough Images

  • Deering Town Hall

    Images from Other Towns in the Area.

  • Tuttle Bridge

    We Built Our Bridges of Stone

  • West Hopkinton

    Covered Wooden Bridges

  • C&C Contoocook

    Railroads Provided Transportation

  • Harrisville

    Rural New Hampshire Churches

  • Danforth


  • Gilchrist

    Fashions of the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries

  • Bucanon

    Wall Stencils and Decorations were Popular Early in the Nineteenth Century

  • Sheep

    Landscapes of the Area

  • Manahan

    William Manahan and His Work