Center for Painted Wall Preservation

Hillsborough’s historic Center is a marvelous example of the itinerant wall stenciler Moses Eaton, Sr.’s ability to sell his artistry. To have two homes with original stenciling intact after almost 250 years across the street from each other is almost unheard of in the twenty first century. Eaton’s stenciling has been well documented in the immediate surrounds of Hillsborough, New Hampshire. They are extant in Bradford at Joshua Eaton House; Hancock at the Eaton family homestead; Francestown at the Woodbury Homestead and here in Hillsborough at Rising Sun Tavern and the Wilder/Nelson House. The preservation of these iconic painted wall treasures, though few and far between, signify the Hillsborough community’s commitment to the historical significance of paint decorated plaster.

The Center for Painted Wall Preservation’s mission is the conservation and documentation of painted plaster created from 1790-1860. Our Board of Directors and Advisors are among the most pre-eminent authorities of plaster repair and conservation. We are building a data base of documented painted walls that include free hand brushwork, stenciling and murals, all of which are found in New England and in particular, New Hampshire. If you have knowledge of any early painted wall decoration email or contact us through our website.


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