Hillsborough 250th – Planning update

The 250th planning is in full swing, with multiple events“ going on all year long!

We will begin January with a Bonfire Kick off event filled with outdoor activities!“  We plan on having a Vintage 1920s dance in February, with a band, followed by a corned beef and cabbage dinner in March, farm activities in April, family picnic in May, a waterski BBQ show in June, a wrestling event in August, School days and tours in September, followed by“  Haunted Hillsboro in October with Kemp Park BBQ, and ending the year with celebrating November and our 14th president with December Christmas“ activities“ followed“ by a torchlight parade though the town to end the year!

There will be tours, scavenger hunts, library“ tours, podcasts“ and an event for just about every person to get excited about!

We are so thrilled for this and have spent“ over a year getting ready!“  We are selling t-shirts, programs and sweatshirts!

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