The Abenaki Among Us     

Sherry, Special Projects Genealogist

Curious about who lived in our towns before they were “settled”?  Have you ever found Indian artifacts on your land or at the bottom of your lake or found any formations on your land that you wondered if they might be signs of Native Americans? Have you heard stories about the original indigenous people in our towns from your ancestors?     


Washington and Hillsboro Historical Societies event   

Location: Fox Forest in Hillsboro

Time: 7 PM on Monday evening, July 11th


     Sherry Gould from the Abenaki Trails Project, Special Projects Genealogist enrolled citizen of the Nulhegan band of Abenaki will share with us what they have learned so far about the proof of the native Abenaki presence in our two towns.


Bring artifacts or pictures of any potential signs of Native American activity with you.  Free.  For further questions, contact Marian Baker at 603-478-5650

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