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Heritage Museum

Space and Accessibility

Here at the Hillsborough Historical Society, we are pleased to announce that the project to improve accessibility to the second floor of the old firehouse is moving forward.“  Having been proposed several years ago, the town recently contacted us to arrange for construction to begin.

This is exciting because our space on the first floor is fully utilized for the display of our rotating exhibits, leaving little room for meetings, gatherings and presentations.“  With the start of the elevator project, we are looking at ways to use the area on the second floor (currently non-public storage) for some of these purposes.“  Without a lift to provide access to persons with mobility challenges, this had not previously been possible.

Please note that due to a combination of COVID 19 restrictions and construction for the elevator we anticipate the museum being closed through July.“  “ Photos from the Manahan-Phelps-McCulloch Collection can still be ordered by contacting Gil Shattuck at (603)464-3850.

Check back soon and watch as the Society’s ‘Space Committee’ develops plans for improving the visitor experience!

Heritage Museum

Volunteers wanted

We are currently seeking volunteers on a continuing basis to help at the museum on Wednesday and Saturday mornings.

  • Docent or tour guide willing to learn about the exhibits in the Hillsborough Heritage Museum

Volunteer docents needed Wednesday and Saturday mornings for the Hillsborough Heritage Museum. Duties include greeting visitors, learning about displays, answering questions and possible light cleaning as needed.

  • Gift Shoppe staff member, some experience in Retail would be beneficial…
  • Archivists / Data Entry
  • Children/Student Programs
  • Provide support during events
  • Building displays, moving collections and display cases
  • Creating graphic arts for our displays
  • Transcribe papers
  • Making history
    • -Inventory / collecting current ephemora
    • Writing up acquisitions or loans for our Newsletter
    • Who’s Who in Hillsborough
    • Town Reports & Newspapers
  • Photographer
  • Photo identification project for seniors
  • Fundraising
  • Oral Histories project
  • Grant writer
  • School Corner
  • Seasonal: Garden Train Display
  • MPM Collection

Community Service:

  • Cemetery Repair Project

Please stop by on Wednesday or Saturday, call or email if you would like to learn how you can help!



Heritage Museum

Don’t trash it

Don’t trash it! Call us.

Are you faced with the task of moving, downsizing or clearing out a loved“ one’s“ home? Please don’t toss photos, scrapbooks or boxes of old records just because they look old or fragile.

Please give us a call or stop in to the Hillsborough Heritage Museum,

Staff hours: Wednesday & Saturday.“  9-ish to noon-ish

Phone: 603.464.3637 or send us an e-mail and we’ll come have a look. These ‘worthless’ items just might add to our understanding of local history.

    Mailing: Hillsborough Historical Society PO Box 896 Hillsborough, NH 03244