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Scenes from Hillsborough

  • Meeting House and Church

    Hillsborough Center - Meeting House and Church. The meeting House built in 1769, the church was built in the 1840's. Both buildings burned 1892.

  • Hillsborough Center

    Hillsborough Center. View from the top of the hill down Center Road.

  • Center Methodist Church

    Hillsborough Center - Methodist Church.

  • Eben Jones House

    Eben Jones House - Jones Road.

  • Bridge Village View

    Bridge Village view. This view is about 1853 shortly after the stone arch bridge was built. It appears to be a copy of a daguerreotype, copied with a wet plate, and then retouched.

  • Early Central Square

    This is also an early view of the central square looking up School Street. What became the Governor Smith home can be seen at the top of the hill.

  • Gov Smith House

    This later became the home of Governor John Smith. This is how the house appeared when first constructed, later a third story with mansard roof was added, and yet later the front structure added. It is now houses the Fuller Public Library.

  • Marcy Mill Workers

    A group of workers from the Marcy Mills taking a break. The Marcy Mills made a variety of circular knit goods. Most textiles in New Hampshire at the time were woven fabric.

  • Marcy Mill Workers

    A larger group of workers from the Marcy Mills, probably most of the shift.

  • Bucking Wood

    Wood was the primary fuel; sawing it up was an ever present task.

  • Horse and Carriage

    This was the Olds or Buick of the day.

  • Proctor Stable

    This was the nineteenth century filling station.

  • Firemen

    This is the fire house that was situated on the site of what is now our Heritage Museum. When a fire broke out, the fireman' resources were very limited in those days.

  • Raising the Bell

    Smith Church was extensively remodeled early in the twentieth century through the generosity of Governor John Smith. Here he is at the raising of the bell into the new steeple

  • Oil Delivery Wagon

    By the beginning of the twentieth century, kerosene had become a common fuel for lighting and cooking. This is how it was delivered.

  • Fourth of July 1916

    The Fourth of July was probably the most important holiday in those days. Parades, speeches and concerts from the bandstand. 1916.

  • Drug Store

    The local drug store offered a variety of ices and drinks.

  • Woolen Mill

    The woolen mill was established later than the Marcy Mills; it produced woven woolen fabric.

  • Merrill's Orchestra

    This was Merrill's Orchestra that played for social occasions. The Wanetah Orchestra also played in town, most of the musicians played in both. The historical society has the library of music that was used.

  • Valley Hotel

    The Valley Hotel on West Main Street served many travelers over the years. Travelers would come in on the train, stay overnight, and continue on their journey.

  • Fireman's Convention

    The Hillsborough Firemen hosted large Firemen's Conventions on several occasions. A big part of the convention was the parade. This one took place in September of 1926.

  • Oops!

    Oops! Early motorists had fender benders too.

  • Kemp's Garage

    Here a group is gaily setting off on an excursion into the countryside from what became Kemp's Garage.

  • Old Home Day 1932

    Another annual event popular in the 1930's was Old Home Day and especially its parade. Various groups and organizations create all sorts of clever floats. This was in the 1932 parade.

  • DAR Parade 1934

    And the DAR had a parade too. This was 1934.

  • Fourth of July Parade

    Still the Fourth of July was the big event. Gay and Gould always had a big part in organizing these events.

  • Library 1932

    Part of the Governor John Smith House became the public library. This was the reading room in 1932.

  • Hurricane 1938

    The Hurricane of 1938 caused much damage in Hillsborough. The bridge on Bridge Street was partially washed out.

  • Hurricane 1938

    There were many washouts of road and railroads. Hillsborough was cutoff for several days.

  • Fox Forest Logging

    The Fox State Research Forest has had an important presence in the town for many years. It carries out many long term research projects, it also has a variety of educational programs for residents.

  • Butler House

    This for many years the dwelling of the Butler Family. In the 1953 it became the home of Phelps Photo, the successor to the Manahan Studio.

  • Gov Smith House 1962

    This is the Governor Smith House as it appears today. For many years, it served as town offices and library. Now it is just the town library.

Manahan‑Phelps‑McCulloch Collection
5 Central Street   Hillsborough, NH 03244

(At the Fire House Museum)

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