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Manahan and His Work

  • WM

    We believe this to be the earliest portrait of William Manahan.

  • WM

    Another portrait of William Manahan, probably around the time of his marriage. (1902).

  • WM & EM

    Mr. and Mrs. Manahan around the time of their wedding (1902).

  • WM

    Portrait of William Manahan by Garo.

  • Garo

    John H. Garo was good friend of Manahan and visited often. They made portraits of each other. Garo was a leading portrait photographer in Boston. He was mentor to Karsh - famous photographer during the WW2 war years.

  • Hunting

    Hillsborough, West Main Street, looking East. The studio was located on the second floor. The sign in the form of a camera bears the name of "Hunting", the proprietor at the time.

  • McClary

    Hillsborough, West Main Street, looking West. The studio was here until 1953. The sign in the form of a camera bears the name of "McClary", the proprietor at the time.

  • Studio

    The studio reception area are was very homey with samples of his work on display and for sale.

  • WM Sr

    Portrait of William Manahan, Sr. Father of William Manahan.

  • WM & EM

    Mr and Mrs Manahan H Jr. were well prepared for winter. She dressed with elegant fur piece and muff - he with fur overcoat. (1929).

  • WM & EM

    Mr and Mrs Manahan made the most of winter. It looks cozy and fun. At the time of a winter carnival (1929) in Hillsborough.

  • Jack the Dog

    Manahan was fond of all creatures large and small. This is "Jack".

  • Kitten

    He had kittens, chicks, rabbits in the studio. He composed and photographed settings to sell as cards and book marks.

  • Donkey

    He was fond too of horses and donkeys.

  • Chicken Salad

    "Chicken Salad" greeting card.

  • Welsh Rabbit

    "A Welsh Rabbit" greeting card.

  • Bonbons

    "Bonbons" greeting card.

  • Bookmarks

    These are some examples of bookmarks created for sale.

  • Snow Scene

    Manahan cruised the area searching for interesting images. Prints were available and sold widely from the studio.

  • Brook Scene

    This is an example of prints for sale in the Manahan studio. (1907).

  • Birches on Bog Brook

    Hillsborough, Bog Brook print. (1908).

  • Roadway Scene

    Roadway vista print. (1908).

  • Manahan Mill

    The old Manahan family sawmill and furniture factory. This was a popular print for sale at the studio. (1925).

  • Mrs Manahan and fish

    The Manahans were ardent and very good fishermen. 4 lb. Lake trout, 4 lb. salmon, 1st Connecticut Lake.(1939).

  • Manahan Park

    William Manahan was very generous in his support of the Hillsborough community. He bequeathed this gorgeous Pierce lake side property to the town. He also left a sizable fund for its upkeep and for community needs.

  • Manahan Park

    This beautiful beach at Manahan Park is a popular destination in the summer. (1960).

  • Award

    William Manahan was highly regarded in his profession and received many awards and honors. (1954).

  • WM

    The last portrait of William Manahan. (1959).

Manahan‑Phelps‑McCulloch Collection
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