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Franklin Pierce was the fourteenth and only president from New Hampshire

  • Franklin Pierce

    This portrait of President Pierce can be seen hanging in an early image of the Homestead Parlour

  • Benjamin Pierce

    Benjamin Pierce, father of President Pierce, was reknown as a hero in the American Revolution. He settled in Hillsborough building the Pierce Homestead as tavern and inn on the Second New Hampshire Turnpike.

  • Pierce Homestead

    This is a very early image of the Homestead, probably about as it appeared when built.

  • Pierce Homestead

    This image from the same time as the previous.

  • Homestead Parlour

    This 1910 image shows how the room was furnished at that time. Note the portrait of the President.

  • Homestead Parlour

    This is a more contemporary image - 1956.

  • Homestead Parlour

    This image of the fireplace area of the parlour is from 1920.

  • Concord House

    The Pierce Manse in Concord, NH. The President lived here during his Concord years. This 1965 image depicts the house when it was still located in downtown Concord.

  • Pierce Oven

    A very major event in his campaign for the presidency was the ox roast that used this oven. A very large crowd attended the event, estimated by some as 25,000. This is quite possible because the railroad had recently come to Hillsborough.

  • Pierce Statute

    This is the statute erected on the front lawn of the State House in Concord to honor President Pierce.

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