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About Our Archival Prints And Ordering Prints

Prints are available for all negatives in our collection. They are available in a variety on several types of paper.

The Process

Archival Prints are made from high-resolution digital scans of the original negatives with the aid of state-of-the art digital technology. Our digital imaging specialists carefully match the printed reproduction against the original negative in our collection thus ensuring the highest degree of fidelity.

The Technology

After extensive testing on various reproduction systems, the Hillsborough Historical Society has chosen Epson Stylus Pro ink jet printers for reproductions of negatives in our collections. The Epson Stylus Pro printers use long lasting pigment inks. These pigments are capable of faithfully reproducing even the subtlest details of the original negatives. They also have the advantage of being one of the most archival ink sets currently available. Independent tests done by Wilhelm Imaging Research, the leading testing lab for the longevity of digital printing materials, both media and inks, predicts that prints made with these pigment inks, framed with Ultra Violet Plexiglas under normal indoor lighting conditions, will last minimally over 100 years before any noticeable fading occurs. The inks used for printing posters and the dye based inks used in other ink jet printers will not last nearly as long. Also, while it is not recommended that any fine art print be exposed to ultra violet light for extended periods of time, the pigments inks are far more resistant to ultra violet light than dye based inks.

We normally use either Epson or Crane Museo archival quality paper for our prints. Again, the archival quality of these papers has been extensively tested by independent laboratories. The results are both pleasing to the eye but long lasting as well.

The Difference

Our Archival Prints are faithful reproductions of original negatives in our collections, printed in-house by our digital imaging specialists.

Caring For Your Archival Prints

Matting & Framing:

Only acid free materials should be allowed to come in contact with your Archival Print. Allow for at least 1/8" space between the print and glass to protect from any moisture and humidity. Do not laminate, spray or dry mount.


Avoid displaying print in direct sunlight. Avoid hanging prints near heating or cooling systems as atmospheric pollution such as smoke or aerosol chemicals may cause print deterioration by condensation.


All prints are delivered in an protective enclosure. It is highly recommended that the print be kept in the enclosure until it is framed. If you must directly handle your print, please refrain from touching the printed surface and only handle the edges.

Price List

Prints from Scanned Images

Brand Size Paper Price Qty
Epson 4.7x7 Greeting Cards 25.00 12
  4.7x7 Greeting Cards 15.00 6
  4x6 DURABrite Glossy - post card 1.50 ea
  8.5x11 Ultra Premium Presentation Matte 7.50 ea
  13x19 Ultra Premium Presentation Matte 37.00 ea
  17x22 Presentation Matte 75.00 ea
Museo by Crane  4.5x6 Artist Greeting Cards 3.50 ea
  4.5x6 Artist Greeting Cards 18.00 6
  5.5x7.5 Artist Greeting Cards 4.00 ea
  5.5x7.5 Artist Greeting Cards 21.00 6
  8.5x11 Silver Rag 15.00 ea
  13x19 Silver Rag 50.00 ea
  17x22 Silver Rag 100.00 ea


Note - Greeting cards include envelopes - your choice of images

All paper and ink are acid-free archival quality.

If negatives have not been scanned, additional charges may apply.

Search or scanning - $5 per 15 minutes

Corrections and enhancements - $5 per 15 minutes

Minimum $5

Matting and Framing are available on request

20 % Discount to Hillsborough Historical Society Members


Hillsborough Historical Society

Manahan-Phelps-McCulloch Photographic Collection

Please Note

The Hillsborough Historical Society is the sole owner of the photographic images of the collection. The only authorized outlet for prints and other material from the Collection is directly from the Society or its agents. Any unauthorized publication or sale of these prints or other material from the Collection is a violation of the “Fair Use” provision of Federal copyright statutes. All income received by the Society from the sale of prints or other material from the Collection supports the work of the Society. The Society receives no income or benefit from unauthorized sale or distribution of prints or other material.

The society welcomes inquiries for use of images in publications. Permission fees are applicable. Permissions must be obtained before any publication in any format printed or electronic.


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