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Stone Arch Bridges

  • Bridge Street

    Bridge Street bridge. The first stone arch bridge to be built in Hillsborough.

  • Antrim Road

    Sawyer Bridge is located on Antrim road at West Main Street.

  • Tuttle

    Tuttle Bridge is now under water in Pierce Lake. It was on the main road to from Concord to Keene.

  • Tuttle

    Tuttle Bridge. There are many images of this bridge in the collection.

  • Crooker

    Crooker Bridge was located at the foot of the dam for Pierce Lake.

  • Gleason Falls Road

    This is the smaller of a pair of bridges on Gleason Falls Road. It probably served the tail race for the mill located just above the bridge.

  • Gleason Falls Road

    This is the upstream face of the bridge in the previous image.

  • Gleason Falls

    Gleason Falls Bridge has the most beautiful setting, located above rocky ledges and falling water.

  • Carr

    Carr Bridge is located on Jones Road at the junction with Beard Road. It is said that the bridge was financed with counterfeit money made by a nearby resident.

  • Henniker

    Very few stone arch bridges were built in other communities. This is an example in the nearby town of Henniker, NH.

  • Stoddard

    Another example in the nearby town of Stoddard, NH. This was on the main road from Concord to Keene.

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